Become A Gateway CASA Volunteer!

Gateway CASA volunteers are trained, caring adults who place themselves at the center of a child’s life and serve in their best interest. They serve during the scariest time of a child’s life, the time they are removed from the only home they have ever known and placed in a system of strangers.

A CASA volunteer is a court appointed special advocate. It is a volunteer commitment unlike any other. Mandated by Arkansas state statutes, a CASA volunteer is sworn in as an Officer of the court. They have access to all the important information and privilege needed to make life changing, best interest decisions for the children of 3rd Judicial District of Arkansas, spanning Sharp, Jackson, Lawrence, and Randolph Counties.

For most of us our parents were the equalizing stable force in our lives that made the difference.  In a court setting, this stable force is most often times left empty unless a child is assigned a CASA Volunteer.  Be that guiding force in a foster child’s life!

To be a Gateway CASA Volunteer you must 21 years old and pass a background check.  For more information contact us at 870 994-7844 or you may apply directly via the link below.


The application will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once you begin entering information, you MUST finish the application as there is no way to save and return to the document. You will need to list 3 references with their contact information including the email addresses.